Product-wise Applications

Zinc Oxide

Silox India is the single largest manufacturer of Zinc Oxide in India and follows Continuous Wet Process as the route of manufacturing. In this process, high-purity Zinc ingots are converted into a complex Zinc Salt which is then calcined to make Zinc Oxide that is very low on impurity profile, and hence high on environment friendliness. This unique manufacturing process renders our Zinc Oxide with 100 % nodular (spherical particles) when compared to acicular (needle shaped) particles of typical French and American processes, and hence facilitates faster reaction of fatty acid in rubber application. The company also holds IP certificate for sales of Zinc Oxide in Pharmaceuticals as well as Cosmetics industries.

Application Industries
Rubber Industry
  • Activator for automobile tyres, tubes, flaps and technical rubber goods
Personal Care
  • Used in Prickly heat powder for its anti-bacterial properties
  • Fluxing agent in the preparation of frits and enamels for ceramic wall and floor tiles
Phosphating Chemical
  • Used as Zn donor in Zn based phosphating chemical