Company Profile

Silox India Private Limited is a Joint Venture company between Transpek Industry Limited, India and Silox, S.A. Belgium, embodying a combined vision to excel in the Global Inorganic Chemical Industry. Guided by science and driven by technology, our product portfolio caters to diverse end use segments such as Textile, Paints & Coatings, Rubber, Pharma, Polymer, Ceramic, Paper and Personal Care etc.

Continuous innovation forms the cornerstone of every process at our end. The nimble footedness to rise up to market dynamics has endowed us with laurels such as being the Global Leader in Sodium Formaldehyde Sulphoxylate (SafoliteTM) and Zinc Formaldehyde Sulphoxylate (SafolinTM).

Our effort to develop a pole position in the market has led us to develop technologies for manufacturing one of our key products, Sodium Hydrosulphite through two different routes i.e. Zinc Process & Sodium Formate process. We have the privilege of being the only company in the world with this dual process capability. We also have an integrated Zinc Chain that has forward as well as backward integration initiatives as its bedrock. This facilitates Captive Raw Material production as well as Value Addition on Final Products and Co-products. Our other products include high quality Zinc Dust & Zinc Oxide as well as Zinc Derivates such as Zinc Phosphate, Zinc Carbonate, Zinc Active and Zinc Oxide HSA.

Transpek Industry Ltd.

A company nurtured by the Shroff Group of India, has a rich history in developing import substitutes at lab scale and then scaling it up to commercial levels. It has rich heritage spanning across five decades in the manufacture of Inorganic Chemicals. The company traces its origin to the 1960s, when it began operations with the production of Transparent Acrylic Sheets as an import substitute, before diversifying into Phosphoric Chemicals and eventually settling on Zinc, Sulphur and Chlorine based chemicals as its core business. In 2001, Zinc and Sulphur based chemicals business was transferred into a separate Business Unit before entering into a Joint Venture Partnership with Silox, S.A. Belgium for this entity.

Silox S.A., Belgium

Silox S.A is a Joint Venture company between Prayon and Cybelle Groups of Belgium and is a leading producer of Sodium Hydrosulphite in Europe. The company is also known for its expertise in high performance “Active” and specialised grades of Zinc Oxide. It is also a leading player in the world for anti-corrosive pigments and has a strong presence in Europe for recovery of high value metals from residues through Hydrometallurgical process. The company has manufacturing facilities in Europe, North America and Asia.

One of its partners, the Prayon Group, is jointly owned by OCP, Morroco, the largest Rock Phosphate manufacturer in the world and SRIW, Belgium the local government body of Walloon Region of Belgium. Prayon is a leading producer of Phosphoric Acid and various types of Phosphates in Europe. It is also a technology leader in Phosphoric Acid production with nearly 60 % of Phosphoric Acid produced globally through Prayon technology.

The other partner Cybelle, Belgium has business activities in multiple areas including Plastics and Sanitaryware products.

Our Philosophy

Our business foundations stand strong on the pillars of Ethical Business Practices, Effective Corporate Governance, Fostering of Human Capital, and Fulfillment of Social Responsibilities, while we continuously create value for all our stakeholders.

At SIPL, this core philosophy reflects in every aspect of our business operations.

Our Vision

To attain global recognition and customer trust through exemplary excellence in all interactions & transactions with our stakeholders, on the basis of mutuality and responsibility.

Human values and social accountability would be paramount to all our activities. Ethical practices shall be the means to meet our noble ends.

Our Mission

We shall be a value-based enterprise with human excellence and innovation in all our products, services and processes creating value and wealth to serve all the stakeholders, society and country.

We shall ensure best environment, health and safety practices with continual improvement.

We shall uphold the dignity of human beings, nurture team spirit and foster inspiring leadership through trust, empowerment and responsible care.

We, the members of SIPL commit ourselves to this noble mission. We seek divine grace and blessings.

Management Team

Mr. Prakash Raman

Managing Director

Mr. Shiba Prasad Bharati

Director - Technology

Mr. Dhiman Vashi

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Business Risk and Compliance Officer

Mr. Rajeev Menon

Chief Marketing Officer & Head – Business and Product Development

Mr. Anirudh Kulkarni

Executive Vice-President – Materials

Mr. Rajesh Vaidya

Chief Human Resources Officer & Head - Sustainability

Mr. Dhiren Maiseri

Executive Vice-President – Operations

Managing Director's Interview

Mr. Prakash Raman, Managing Director, in his interview with “The CEO Magazine” shares how “Chemistry of Progress” is helping Silox India to face the future challenges. In the discussion he covered broad spectrum of subjects including Strategic reach and depth of Silox India across the Globe, it’s unique competitive strength as Category Leader, it’s current focus on Safety and Sustainability, Operational Excellence, Capacity Build-up, and drivers for Future Growth.

Board of Directors

Contemporary business practices, continual improvements in all areas of operations, close monitoring, and control of all facets of our business process, outline the core philosophy of our business process. The Management Team comprises of Board of Directors, who are accomplished professionals with wide expertise and rich business experience. The Operating team led by the Managing Director comprises of passionate and well experienced team of Functional Heads.

Under active guidance of the Board of Directors, the Operating Team strives to foster entrepreneurial skills, efficient corporate governance, and prudent business practices in the company.

Mr. Paresh M. Saraiya


Mr. Prakash Raman

Managing Director

Mr. Tigrane Djierdjian


Mr. Philippe Renier


Mr. Jean Christophe Bogaert


Mr. Marc Collin


Mr. Bart Wouters


Mr. Ravi Shroff


Mr. L. Rajagopalan


Mr. Djivan Djierdjian

Alternate Director to Mr. Tigrane Djierdjian

Silox Group